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Singapore real estate specifically pertains to properties located within the city-state of Singapore. It includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties within its boundaries.

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The most important reason why you will need the services offered by a real estate agent is for their experience in setting an appointment to view new condo launch 2024. Their strategies, contacts and recommendations will be crucial when achieving the purchase, sale or remodelling of a property that best suits certain needs. Below, we present 5 relevant advantages of why you should hire an agent.

Legal and financial advice

The great advantage of hiring a real estate agent will be their invaluable help when carrying out procedures and financial movements. Being an expert in real estate, the agent knows perfectly the documents, processes, and procedures to be carried out as part of the buying and selling process.

Guarantee a safe purchase.

The presence of a real estate agent in the process of selling or renting a property is key because it will take the process to another level. The person interested in purchasing the home will approach the situation more seriously by having to deal with a real estate expert.

You will save time.

If you hire a real estate agent, you will be able to start the home showing process much faster, and they will carry out the different appointments with people interested in learning about or purchasing your property. This will be of great help since this will speed up this process, unlike if the owner wanted to show his property and his work or routine schedules did not allow it and would force him to get a few appointments to show his home.

A better negotiator

Because a real estate agent's greatest incentive is the commission generated by the sale of a property, the real estate agent will look for potential buyers and focus on making the transaction happen. In addition, he will protect the figure established for the sale of the property, avoiding offering discounts. An example could be that your home could be sold to a person in your social or family circle.

Avoid exposing yourself and protect your identity.

If you want to sell your home, the real estate agent is the ideal intermediary to carry out this process because they will help you show the home during the stage in which various interested parties will be visiting your property. Their intervention from this stage will be essential since they will know how to filter between people interested in visiting the home and people who are just asking, and you can even provide an analysis of which person is the best potential buyer. In addition to that, he will be aware of any movement on the part of potential buyers.

Promotion and marketing

RE/MAX advisors have great first-class promotion and marketing tools for the sale of your property; they make flyers, posters, banners, posters, call centres, open houses, virtual tours, drones, internet advertising, and advertising on real estate portals, among others, all this in order to attract the best buyers for your property. RE/MAX has the largest network of real estate advisors, more than 3,500, who will offer your property to the market, increasing the chances of an effective sale in the shortest possible time.

Real estate impacts

The widespread adoption of integrated multimodal transport shared mobility services, and, ultimately, autonomous vehicles are likely to change the demand for land use and lead to new behavioural patterns for consumers. This will affect the real estate market, which will have to respond not only to changes in mobility but also to population movements and urbanization, demographic changes, zoning and other broader regulatory changes, and the condition of the economy in general.

The increasing availability of micro-mobility services, such as e-scooters and bike sharing, can reduce car traffic, creating more pleasant public spaces for all users. Along with a shift toward electric vehicles, air quality could improve, and road noise could decrease. Together, safer, quieter, and more walkable neighbourhoods – all connected by an intermodal network of convenient, on-demand transportation options – could further increase the appeal of city living.

Still, the greatest upward pressure on prices, which could arise from future mobility trends, would be felt in rural communities, which are far from the urban core and characterized by large amounts of relatively cheap land. 


Like residential properties, major trends developing in mobility are expected to impact commercial real estate through their effect on the physical layout of stores, parking needs and configurations, and the shopping experience. of the consumer.

As retailers embrace digital technologies, from the warehouse to the point of sale, physical store layouts will likely also have to adapt to consumer demandsThis could be better reflected in the restaurant sector as they lean toward e-commerce and increasingly experiment with autonomous vehicle (AV) delivery programs.

As new delivery systems continue to expand, many supermarkets and stores are expected to reallocate space toward logistics and warehousing operations as they shift toward wholesale food service.

Buying or selling a house involves paying taxes. However, many of those involved need to be made aware of the obligations involved.

In 2014, the tax reform promoted by the Mexican government brought with it modifications in the real estate sector, which became a challenge for the business strategy and the review of tax obligations in order to be more competitive.

On that occasion, there needed to be more clarity regarding the rules of trusts dedicated to the acquisition or construction of real estate, especially in the way in which they were going to collect rents and some other aspects of the fiscal framework for the sector.

The legal and tax aspects in real estate are constantly updated and adapted to the social context; now, with the new normal, this will not be the exception, and the best way to overcome the challenges that arise is by knowing and taking advantage of the trends.

“The real estate developer must keep in mind all the requirements that are requested in terms of licenses, permits and contracts,” stressed Fernando González Figueroa.

The coordinator of the diploma in Planning and Evaluation of Real Estate Businesses highlighted that there are three important aspects of these fiscal and legal aspects.

The real estate agent is a key structure for successful decisions.

The success of a real estate project begins by paying attention to all the details, from choosing the lot where it will be built to the sale of its units.


To achieve this, knowledge that crosses different disciplines is required.

You have to know about finances, legal issues, internal communication, marketing and law, among others.


For a real estate project to meet the forecasts, the developer must know how to calculate the cost and the appropriate sale value, communicate it efficiently to a previously determined audience and frame it in a legal situation.


“One of the important aspects that we are managing here is the updating of many concepts and tools that are used today for successful real estate development.


“That people who already have experience can update their knowledge is of great value and even more so today with everything we are experiencing,” said Fernando González Figueroa, coordinator of the diploma in Planning and Evaluation of Real Estate Businesses.

PropTech, the basic tool for real estate

To know about the success of the PropTech industry – a term that refers to any company that uses technology to refine, improve or reinvent any service in the real estate sector – innovation as a tools for the sector is essential.

Even the advisory firm Deloitte conducted a perspective for the real estate sector in which it identified five topics that entrepreneurs should consider as integral factors when carrying out their business strategy, which are directly related to technology and innovation.

-Future of mobility

-Health and well-being of occupants

-The Internet of Things

-3D printing technologies

-Predictive and demographic analytics

When you use this strategy, you will be able to develop a new vision that considers the aspects of innovation and not be left behind because if you do not create innovation, you do not create value. Clients do not buy,” concluded the coordinator of the diploma in Planning and Evaluation of Real Estate Businesses.

Be charismatic and persuasive.

A good real estate agent must be able to make clients act by having good charisma and persuasive skills.

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