[Lingerie Collection] Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss #422 Lingerie


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Volume nude gloss for naturally sensual, bold and glossy lips

Comfortable lip color ‘Lingerie’
The bright, clear texture gently reveals the lip tone, developing into a mature baby pink tone to create a look of inherent allure.

New MLBB, ‘My Lips But Bolder’
Bold, sensual and voluptuous look of lips with enhanced natural beauty

New Textures, New Bold Looks
Ingenious pigment milling technology produces bright and vivid color. Reduced stickiness and improved adherence make the formula worry-free.

How To

Take an adequate amount using the special SPICY NUDE GLOSS applicator and apply from the center working to the outer edge. The special tip allows you to apply a thick layer of the product and yet blend more seamlessly in with the lips.