Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss

#105 Curious Boy
#382 Red Lie
#422 Lingerie
#462 Speechless

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A lip gloss that brings out the confident presence of natural lips for an effortlessly bold, provocative look.

This plumping lip gloss has a non-sticky, transparent shine with pure vivid pigment. For Spicy Nude Gloss, a new innovative pigment processing method was used for finer pigment milling. The applicator’s backside provides stable support to help fix the formula onto the lips with a single touch with no need to forcefully apply the product. The side that touches the lips is wide and tailored to the curves of the lips, which seamlessly blends in the formula at a touch. Microfiber bristles on the tip allow for a non-irritating, soft and delightful texture.

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