Rose Infusion Sensual Powder Matte


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___________ WEARS ROSE.

Welcome to the ROSE INFUSION COLLECTION, where you will fall in love with the beauty of the rose and never go back in time.

Mysterious and romantic, the Rose Infusion Collection embraces the well-loved rose spectrum in all of its allure and splendour.
Featuring three trending autumnal shades, coupled with the state-of-the-art Sensual Powder Matte smudging texture, the limited edition collection goes beyond conventional limits of beauty.

499 Rosy Suede

A sell-out colour during its first launch, the warm rosy brown was highly coveted for its enigmatic MLBB perfection. 

With its understated elegance and universality, the enchanting shade is the heart, and inspiration for the exquisite Rose Infusion Collection.

121 Episode

Like the evocative, fresh Daniel Austin English roses, Episode is a dreamy blush shade that adds a special flair to your everyday get-up.

Discover true ethereal glamour with a single velvety swipe of this earthy, rosy hue.

139 Dear Betty

Roused by the desire for a lively, bright pink in a creamy matte formula, Dear Betty emulates the vivid personality of its well-loved predecessor – the Sensual Fresh Nude Tint #138 Betty.

Fresh, decadent and sprightly, illuminate your inner spark and confidence when you wear this vivacious rose on your lips.