Loyalty Program

1. Account

Q: Is HERA Online Account same as HERA membership?
A: No, it is not the same. HERA Online does not collect any personal data until customer created an account before checking out the cart. The purpose of HERA Online account is to allow faster checkout in future when you make subsequent purchase.

Q: If I am an existing HERA member, do I still need to create an account on HERA Online?
A: Yes. HERA membership data does not link with HERA Online. Hence, you will need to create an account in order to make an purchase and enjoy membership points.

2. Membership

Q: I am not a HERA member now. How can I join HERA membership?
A: You can sign up for HERA membership via this link:

Q: Can I earn HERA membership points when I make purchase on HERA Online?
A: Yes, you may earn HERA membership points when you make purchase on HERA Online

Q: Can I enjoy my birthday privileges (10% & double points) on HERA Online?
A: All birthday privileges have been extended till 31 December 2020.
If your birthday month happens to be this month (e.g. June), and you made a purchase on HERA Online in June, you will be automatically be rewarded with x2 or x3 points based on your first purchase during the birthday month. However, the 10% off regular products privilege does not apply to this bill. The 10% off privilege will only be applicable for purchase at HERA ION Boutique only.

3. Points Redemption

Q: Can I make redemption on HERA Online?
A: Unfortunately no. Expiring points redemption have to be made in store only. Alternatively, once you have made the payment on HERA Online, send us a WhatsApp text via our Beauty eLounge number (+65 8907 0068) and inform our Beauty Experts that you would like to make the points redemption together with your current purchase. Do provide us with your order number so that our Beauty Experts will include your redemption products in your parcel.

Q: Where can I see the list of items that I can redeem?
A: You may see the redemption list on this link:

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