COVID-19 Measures

To our entire HERA Seoulista community, 

We are pleased to announce that all HERA stores will resume business on 19 June. 
Here are some of the safety measures that has been put in place to safeguard your health and well-being.

1. Testing of skincare/makeup will not be allowed in store
All testers will be sealed. There will be a foundation chart available at the counter should you require a foundation shade match and a lipstick chart for you to view the shade colour. You may approach our Beauty Experts to request for take-home skincare sachets.

2. Eyebrow service and makeover services are temporarily not available until further notice
For redemption of birthday privilege (complimentary eyebrow service/makeover service), kindly approach our Beauty Experts and provide them with your name and phone number so that they can follow up with you once the services resume.

3. Mandatory temperature taking is required before entering the store
All staff and customers will have to take their temperature before entering the store.

We have taken these steps to ensure a safe shopping experience with a peace of mind.
Alternatively, you may place your orders on and pick it up at the ION Boutique store on 20th Jun onward.
With love,
HERA Singapore